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Weekends and public holidays: can be booked for any date in case of joint rental of the three houses or two (Señorío and Arabic House). Reservation for one house should be made 30 days before the arrival. The checking-in (Friday) should be done, without exception, between 16 and 22 hours. The checking-out (Sunday) should be done before 6 p.m. The occupants may choose to bring their own set of bed linen or pay 3€ for each set. Towels are not included.

Completed weeks: from Friday to Friday. Checking-in: between 16 and 22 hours. Checking-out: before 10 am the following Friday. The linen and towels are included.

To confirm reservations a 25% deposit must be paid.

Rented: All the house should be rented (partial renting is not permitted) without provisions or services of any kind.

Distribution Bedrooms Beds Extra bed. Total
Señorío 6 (2 trip 4 dobles) 14 3 17
Árabe 3 (2 trip 1 doble) 8 1 9
Casita 3 (1 trip 2 dobles) 7 2 9
Señorío + Árabe 9 (4 trip 5 dobles) 22 4 26
The three houses together 12 (5 trip 7 dobles) 29 6 35
Prices include the enjoyment of sports facilities, and in the winter period, a load of wood for fireplace.

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